Vision Expo never ceases to fulfill us!

A message from your Chief Eyewear Optician

Our buckets are SO full….

Let me take you back for one second.  There’s a book How Full Is Your Bucket that I practically live by, have shared with my kids and every team member past and present.

My summary of this book is simple: You are operating as your best, most high functioning self if you are operating with a full bucket. Your bucket is filled when you do good for others, you’re doing something that makes you truly happy, you are surrounded by positive vibes, etc. Conversely, your bucket is dumped by negative experiences and negative energy.  So, be MINDFUL of your bucket – what dumps it and what fills it. It’s important for me to be mindful both personally and professionally. 

Now, back to Vision Expo East – My Bucket is SO FULL! 


We are thrilled to announce  PRESS EYEWEAR is on the way, exclusive in Dallas to Occhiali Modern Optics! Press Eyewear is full of NEW VIBES, designed by veteran and genius designer Jeff Press! Jeff Press has been a leading designer and purveyor of independent eyewear globally as well has insight as a licensed optician. He has been a member of the prestigious CFDA since 2015.


Occhiali is super excited for the resurgence of Gold & Wood Eyepieces – BEAUTIFUL and back with innovation and creativity! Founded in 1995 and handcrafted in Luxembourg providing quality, luxury eyewear we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this collection back into the showroom and our Occhiali family.


Whether we were taking in a class or walking the floor to explore new technology, our brains were in a very happy place! We love growing in knowledge, discovering all that is new in lenses and lens processing, innovations and new technologies in the industry.   


This really rocks my EYE world! Time with the Occhiali family and our extended family of colleagues bonding over our common love of all things eyewear. Nothing is a better bucket filler than doing something you love with the people you love.  I love our craft, this team and our dear industry friends.           


New product is on the way for our existing collections, new collections and certainly a revived spirit ready to serve you!

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Sara McDaniel, CEO, ABOC

Chief Eyewear Optician