Sunnies for Summer – Where Fashion Meets Function

A message from your Chief Eyewear Optician

Sunwear should be fun and funtctional! 

Your sunnies should offer proper protection and comfort while remaining stylish!

Now is the best time to remind you of just how important it is to protect your eyes and the eyes of those you love!  Protecting your eyes from harmful UV light is important all year long, so why do we bring it up so much during the summer months? These are the months we spend more time outdoors and are exposed to the glorious sun and all of its rays!

Let’s talk about UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) and your sun lens options. 

Ultra-Violet Radiation (UVR) & Blue Light

We most often associate and discuss UVR (Ultra-Violet Rays) as:

UV-C, the most harmful rays which we are mostly protected from by the ozone layer. 

UV-B, the rays that contribute to skin cancer, cataracts, and eye growth conditions such as pinguecula and pterygia.

UV-A, these rays are minimally impacted by the ozone layer. Overexposure to UV-A can contribute to skin damage and potentially macular degeneration.

Other short-term conditions like photokeratitis, also known as “water or snow blindness” can be attributed to over-exposure to UV-A & UV-B. Photokeratitis, a “sunburned” cornea, can feel like extreme light sensitivity and/or painful, temporary blindness.

Over-exposure to Blue Light can contribute to the damage of retinal cells and macular degeneration.  

Most of our exposure to Blue Light is from the sun. We spend most of our lifetime exposure to the sun before the age of 18. The harmful effects of Blue Light and UVR are cumulative and irreversible.  This is why it is SO important to get sunglasses on our kids and foster this healthy habit early. Today’s youth are growing up playing outdoors AND on tablets. We (adults) need to continue to protect the health of our eyes just as we do our skin and body.    

We are exposed to ALL OF THE ABOVE when we are in direct sunlight. 

The bottom line is that our visual system and ocular health is compromised by over-exposure to both UVR and blue light. The maximum protection will be provided by quality sunglasses that filter UVR and visible light, which includes blue light. In addition, sunglasses reduce eyestrain, which can induce headaches and fatigue.         

Sun Lens Exploration

At Occhiali Modern Optics, our opticians are experienced in recommending the best sun lens options for your lifestyle and the overall look you’d like to achieve. 

A lens which reduces light transmission, protects your eyes from harmful UV and adds comfort makes for a great sun lens. From a polarized lens to a densely tinted lens, adding a mirrored finish, and/or adding inside anti-glare for extra comfort and protection, the possibilities are endless! We offer Transitions™ photochromatic lenses, polarized photochromatic lenses and various blue light-blocking lens options. Truly, one size does not fit all. This is the definition of where fashion meets function!

Let’s discuss your needs and find the perfect sun lens for you!

Sara McDaniel, CEO, ABOC

Chief Eyewear Optician