Make a Statement this Fall with the 2014 Pantone Fall Color Palette

Fall Color Palette


For more than 20 years, Pantone, the global authority on color, has released each season’s most important color trends for fashion and design.

In recent seasons, there has been a gradual shift towards a unisex color palette—this season is no different. The top 10 colors chosen for men and women were inspired by a need to explore, resulting in adventurous colors and combinations. While there are a few differences, we primarily see the same colors for men and women in fashion for this year’s fall color palette.

These are the most prominent hues seen during Fashion Week for fall 2014.

Fall Color Palette


Top 10 Colors for Men and Women

Sangria – an exotic red evoking a sense of glamour for women, while invigorating the men’s palette.

Aurora Red– a sophisticated shade adding spark to the wardrobe for both women and men.

Mauve Mist– a romantic and elegant purple shade for women.

Sea Fog– a more masculine representation of Mauve Mist for a powerful fall look.

Radiant Orchid– a captivating and adaptable shade of purple.

Bright Cobalt– a subtle twist on traditional cobalt blue, bold and charismatic shades in everything from sportswear to shoes for men.

Royal Blue– evocative and dignified, providing complexity and excitement for both men’s and women’s fashion.

Cypress – a majestic and powerful green with a towering presence.

Aluminum – a futuristic stainless steel shade, a complex neutral.

Cognac – a classy and cultured brown, an autumnal color ideal for evening wear for women and a tasteful brown for a confident, high-profile look for men.

Misted Yellow– adds a touch of optimism to cold weather ensembles and alludes to the promise of spring to come.

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