Is your optician ABO certified?

We think you should know….

Today, it seems like there are almost as many places to buy eyewear as there are to buy shoes.  The difference is that anyone can sell you a pair of shoes, but not just anyone can sell you a pair of prescription eyeglasses…or can they?  There are no state licensure or certification requirements in Texas with respect to filling eyewear prescriptions.  A person can go from a job fitting you for a pair of stilettos one day to fitting you for a pair of progressive prescription lenses the next.  This can be done without passing any tests, attending any classes, or having any prior training whatsoever.  We see things differently here at Occhiali.  Attaining and maintaining opticianry certification is a personal mission.  The professionals at Occhiali have passed the American Board of Opticianry‘s National Opticianry Competency Examination and assure you ~ we are adept opticians.  We are competent opticians capable of interpreting prescriptions properly, taking precise and necessary measurements, recommending the most appropriate lenses and making the proper adjustments for your spectacles.  We know the importance of keeping up with the most recent technological advancements in corrective lenses.  The opticians at Occhiali complete continuing education courses throughout the year to stay abreast of the most current information available.  This ensures each client is given the best lens material and design for them.

We believe that your vision is equally as important as your look.  We know how many options are out there for a consumer seeking a new pair of stylish glasses.  It’s no secret that you’ll find the coolest frame selection at Occhiali, but what you’ll also find is a staff so committed to their craft that they voluntarily obtained and maintain their certifications.  A prescription from your eye doctor is only as good as the accuracy with which it is filled.  If your doctor writes an accurate prescription, shouldn’t it be filled by a certified optician?