How to Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape

Summer is in full swing, and the long, sunny days call for brushing up on the basics of how to pick the right eyeglass frames for your face shape! Choosing the perfect pair of shades or spectacles is easy when you know what you’re looking for. The main factor to consider when shopping for eyeglass frames is the shape of your face. To keep things simple, you should choose an eyeglass frame shape that is opposite of your face shape, to complement your features.

Find Your Fit

Discovering whether you have an oval or heart-shaped face isn’t always as easy as looking in the mirror. However, there is a simple trick to figuring out the shape of your face! All you’ll need is a camera or phone, a sheet of paper, printer and a permanent marker. Take a photo of yourself with your hair pulled back, then draw dots around the outer corners of your printed picture. Connect all the dots until you have a clearer image of your face shape, and a new era of informed style will begin!

Frames for Your Face Shape


When you have a round face shape, the areas of your face, particularly the forehead and across the cheekbones are considered the widest. Your chin area isn’t as wide but it isn’t considered narrow either. If you are blessed with a nice round face shape, sticking to glasses that feature rectangular and cat eye shapes will help your face appear longer and thinner. In addition, aviators also make a great pair since it can tone down the fullness of the face without looking overly dramatic.


This face shape is oftentimes considered cute and youthful since it features a heart-shaped hairline, narrow jaw area and small chin. One concern here is that the forehead tends to be too wide to balance out the jaw and chin’s  narrowness. In order to keep it balanced and draw the attention away from the forehead, try eyeglasses with light-colored rims, oversized round shapes and fitting aviators to effectively keep the face shape balanced without fully covering the narrow features of the face.


Having an oval face shape means that your face is long but not as wide as round-shaped faces. This shape is considered to be an easy face shape to deal with, since oval shape faces tend to have proportionate features. Since this particular face shape is versatile, any shape of sunglasses would work with it. The only thing to take note of is that you have to stay away from extremely oversized glasses for it may look too loose on your narrow face shape. Choose frames that accentuate the cheekbones, as most oval-shaped people have very prominent cheekbones. The key here for the perfect frames for your face shape is balance!


Square face shape is the one that has the strongest and most prominent facial features. When a person has a square face shape, he or she has a strong and visible jaw line, wide forehead, wide area across the cheekbones and a square-shaped chin. For this particular face shape, it is best to stick to round-shaped sunglasses to soften the strong and sharp features of the face. One can also opt to get rimless shades or aviators to balance the facial features out.

Keep in mind that these are rules of thumb, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken! If you’re shopping for a bold new style of eyewear, this list should serve as a good starting point, but don’t let it limit you! At Occhiali, we always have a wide selection of eyeglasses to choose from, ensuring you’ll find the right frames for your face shape. Contact us today and get shopping!