What to Know Before Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Buying Prescription Glasses Online: Should You Do It?

We are in the age of convenience, so why not add eyewear to the list of things we can have delivered to our doorstep? Buying prescription glasses online will most likely save you time and money, but at what cost? The fit and quality of eyewear can often be disappointing and less reliable than buying a pair of frames in a store.

If you have a complicated or strong prescription, you are definitely better off with the help of a professional. They can assist with choosing the best frame and lens combination to meet your needs. There are many factors to consider that the everyday person may not be aware of.

How Opticians Fit Your Frames

When an optician is fitting you for a frame, they check to see exactly where you look through the lenses, and then mark it on the lenses you’re trying on. This shows where the center of vision should go, which ensures you are looking through the exact spot that corrects your focus. When buying prescription glasses online, you’re preventing the optician from assessing what part of the lens you’re looking through properly.

Most online companies will mark your center of vision at the geometrical center of the lens, which isn’t always the center of your pupil – the part you’re looking through. The stronger your prescription is, the higher your chance is of being bothered by a misalignment.

Not Only About Style

The lenses used in your eyewear are not only a critical decision in your appearance and comfort, but for your vision and safety as well.  It is equally important to make the right decision on material, UV protection, and whether or not to use anti-reflective coating.

An experienced optician is able to make these decisions to best suit you and your prescription – something that is more difficult to achieve when buying prescription glasses online.  They can also discover whether or not the frame you love will work for you, or end up causing problems once the lenses are inserted.

Quality of Purchase and Customer Service

At Occhiali Modern Optics, customer service is one of our top priorities, along with quality of your purchase. We pride ourselves in making your experience an enjoyable one! We truly care about the satisfaction of our clients. They appreciate us getting to know them as a person, often coming back to see us multiple times a year. That personal touch is just something you can’t obtain with buying prescription glasses online.

In choosing to spend time and money on something as precious as your vision, you won’t be disappointed.

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