Occhiali Explores Vision Expo West 2016

We spent four days attending our industry’s largest exposition , VISON EXPO – Las Vegas, NV.  Trade shows like Vision Expo give us the opportunity to learn, explore and grow.

It is always a priority to take continuing education courses because staying current is important to us.  Our mission was to absorb as much information as possible!  Classes consisted of information regarding current lens processing technology, optical principals and future trends in vision care.

Next, we spent hours perusing the showroom floor scouting out new and upcoming eyewear designers.  The showroom consists of over a thousand vendors – we were like kids in a candy store!  Time spent scoping out new tools for our in-house laboratory proved to be a worthy investment.  Our new tools will save time and ensure the highest quality of eyewear.

Last, but not least, fall additions were ordered for our existing collections.  Since keeping our collections fresh is a vital part of our brand, we never miss an opportunity to be the first to place our orders.  Vision Expo was as busy as it was fun ~ there was SO much energy!  We love the opportunity to explore.  Most of all, we were glad to strengthen our knowledge and product offering.


Vision Expo 2016

NEW COLLECTION: Robert Marc Eyewear

We were definitely on the hunt for a new eyewear collection.

  • A brand that our sophisticated clients would appreciate adding to their existing repertoire.
  • Eyewear that is truly handmade with quality and current fashion at the forefront.
  • A complete offering that is designed by an experienced optician who understands how function and fashion must come together.

Robert Marc openend his first eyewear shop in 1981 in NYC.  It was considered to be one of the first high-end boutiques to bring eyewear to the forefront of fashion.  After proving to be a successful eyewear designer for other luxury brands, Robert Marc designed and launched his own signature collection in 1999.  By combining classic & modern elements, Robert Marc creates timeless eyewear designs.  Handmade in France.  Select styles handmade in Japan.


Robert Marc Eyewear