Handmade Eyewear vs Mass Produced

How does the discerning shopper know they are making a purchase worthy of their investment? There are significant features that define an exceptional pair of eyewear. This is easy to distinguish when comparing mass produced eyewear and handmade eyewear.

Consistent Quality

The trustworthiness of the product is brought up to a level that is noticed by those in the industry by the flawless hand-finish quality, and will certainly be felt by the wearer. Look for signs like smooth transitions from frame front to temple and finely finished areas around the hinges. The quality of the surface should be consistent and without unwanted grooves or waves. The life of your frames can be prolonged by investing wisely in a well-crafted frame with high quality hinges.

Attention to Detail

The attention given to every detail of the piece is what separates a great design from a good design. Details of the frame can not only create beauty but also improve functionality like anti-slip grooves on the temple tips.

In order to produce eyewear cheaply, many glasses are mass produced which compromises quality. Unfortunately this includes some “designer” collections sold under licensed brands. Plastic frames are injection molded by machines of a lower grade and difficult to adjust. The metal used in mass produced frames are heavy and prone to breaking. Finish and fit are rough especially after being worn.

Our Difference

Occhiali Modern Optics specializes in providing handmade eyewear working with a select group of collections each with the experience in the industry to turn their designs into a perfect fitting piece. Handmade eyewear uses natural acetate that lasts much longer, easier to adjust, portrays more brilliant color, and polishes to a finer gloss. It also feels more comfortable for a much better fit. Steel hinges are stronger and easier to adjust and almost all handmade metal frames are titanium for flexibility and the best strength to weight ratio.

Specific materials like buffalo horn, leather and wood require even more attention to detail and care that the process of handcrafting allows. Typically, each piece is created by one person from beginning to end because of the demand of specialized skills that not many optical technicians possess.

Our clients often rave on the feel and fit of our handmade eyewear because they can feel the difference in the attention to detail and quality. This also means that your investment (with care) is going to look good and fit after 2 to 3 years of daily use.

Our Collections

We are proud to offer an impressive selection of handcrafted, artisan and independent eyewear such as Lindberg with Danish design, Cartier crafted in Paris and Anne Et Valentin in France. These collections use unique personal expressions and take great care and integrity in their work and it is definitely not without notice. Our staff is happy to help you find your perfect pair (or two) for your specific needs. Come by and see and feel the difference for yourself!